The Joy of Everyday Cooking

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Joyful Living

I truly believe that each one of us have certain gifts and abilities given by God for our good and his Glory. Everything is from God and if we choose to do what He has gifted us to do and do it as unto him instead of for the approval of oth ers, it will... read more →

Hearty Irish Breads

Happy St. Patty’s Day! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I thought I would repost the delicious bread recipes we enjoyed while in Ireland. Don’t forget to wear green today! I know I have mentioned this in another post, but in September we took a trip to Ireland. My husband Brandon, my friend Ginny and her husband James, and another friend... read more →

Everyday Cooking 101: Comparison of Cookware

This post is inspired by my youngest sister, Jessica. She just got married in December and I was reminded of what it was like to be a newlywed and know nothing about cooking. When blogging, I often assume that readers have some knowledge of cooking, but there are always a few novice  chefs out there, so I thought that some... read more →

I am featured today!

Today I am featured on Leigh Gray’s blog! I am very grateful and excited! Please check out her blog and ministry to women. She is following the Lord’s call on her life and is such a blessing to so many women. Also, I have added a gadget that allows you to follow me by email. Just type... read more →