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saltbutterall-purpose floursugarvanilla extractolive oilmilkbaking sodalarge eggswaterbaking powdercream cheeseeggspeppervegetable oilhoneyground cinnamonsoftenedbutter, meltedpowdered sugarsour creamchopped pecansdried oreganobuttermilkcinnamonSalt and pepper to tastemeltedwhipping creamlemon juicegranulated sugarfirmly packed dark brown sugarfirmly packed light brown sugarGrated Parmasan Cheesesalt and peppercocoaparchment papergarlic cloves, mincedvanillaBread CrumbsGarlicExtra Virgin Olive Oilsemisweet chocolate morselshalf-and-halfbalsamic vinegarkosher saltcream of chicken soupCakefresh lemon juicechopped celerycornstarchItalian seasoningcloves garlic, mincedground black peppereggheavy creamegg, lightly beatenpeanut oilchopped onionsbutter or margarinechopped onionminced garlicsliced fresh mushroomssoy saucepacked brown sugaronionlean ground beefboneless, skinless chicken breastschicken brothfirmly packed brown sugaregg whitesthawedgranulated white sugarchocolate frostingdried basilsweetened condensed milkfrozen whipped toppinggrated Parmesan cheeseground cuminpumpkin pie spicegreen bell pepper, choppedonion, choppedrolled oats (for gluten free use gf oats)lightly beatencorn syrupParsleyVegetable cooking spraysaltine crackers, crushedfreshly ground black peppereggplantonionswhite vinegarsliced mushroomsfresh parsleyVegetable brothchopped fresh basilgrated parmigiano-reggiano cheesebutter or margarine, softenedgarlic, mincedtomato saucecheddar cheese, gratedgrated lemon rindsalsachopped parsleypine nutsunsweetened cocoacream cheese (I like to use 1/3 less fat)butter, softenedFrostingcream cheese, softenedGarnishchopped walnutsmasheddried Italian seasoningtomato pastegarlic cloveschopped, fresh parsleyshredded cheddar cheeselarge eggs, lightly beatenpaprikalemon zestgarlic clove, crushedground gingerketchupcider vinegarmayo (I use light)raisinsground beefnonstick cooking sprayground nutmegvanilla ice creamtoastedcrumbled feta cheesecream of mushroom soupunsalted buttermayoorange juicebananasbacongraham crackersunsweetened chocolateoptional add inspotatoesfine dry bread crumbskosher salt or sea salt1/3 less fat cream cheese softenedmaple syrupevaporated milkshredded mozzarella cheesewhole wheat flourfreshly grated Parmesan cheeseparsley flakesold fashioned oatmealsmall onion, dicedtortillaspacked light brown sugarwhite chocolate chipscan pumpkinunsweetened applesaucenutmegminiature marshmallowsfreshly ground pepperWorcestershire sauceTilapiashredded coconut, unsweetened or sweeteneddry mustardflourgarlic powderpowdered sugar, siftedranch dressing mixwhipped toppingspaghetti saucenatural peanut butter or other nut butterPeanut Butter Layer:coconut oilFor filling:melted butterchopped toasted pecansFor glaze:For rolls:active dry yeastwarm watermashed sweet potatoesgrated orange rindBase Layer:cashewsPork Roastbreadpitted datesalmond flour or pulsed almondsCooked HamSwiss Cheesecottage cheesecrushed chocolate graham crackerscoffee liqueurinstant coffee granulesbittersweet baking chocolate squaresMocha SauceFor Mocha Sauce:reduced-fat butterstrong-brewed coffeereduced-fat cream cheeseskinned and boned chicken breastssalt, dividedfreshly ground black pepper, dividedall-purpose flour, dividedground red peppermilk, divideddividedFor Corn:White Shoepeg Cornblock cream cheesechopped jalapenos from a jargreen olivesceleryred and green bell peppersfresh basilcaperssliced peachesself-rising flourCarnaroli riceasparagus, cut into pieceschopped hamroma tomatoes, dicedArborio or Carnaroli ricegarlic, choppedgarlic, peeledfresh cracked pepperItalian bread, cut about 1 inch thickpeeledcrunchy peanut buttervanilla wafers, crushedmargarineground meatgreen onions, including green part, choppednoodlesgreen onionsStreusel Toppingfresh or frozen blueberriesrinsed and drainedlarge eggcooked and chopped chickensour cream, dividedshredded, Monterey Jack Cheesesmall can chopped green chilies, drainedsoft flour tortillascheddar cheese soupfresh sardinesgrated Pecorino cheeseanchovies in oilraisins soaked in warm water for 30 minutes and squeezed dryMarscapone Cheeseladyfingersespressobrickle bitsicing sugarripe bananasskinned, boned chicken breast halvesseasoned breadcrumbsblack pepperlarge egg whites, lightly beatenhot cooked spaghetti (about 8 ounces uncooked pasta)Ultimate Quick and Easy Pasta Saucepre-shredded mozzarella cheesechopped fresh basil, optionalQuick and Easy Pasta Saucedry red wine (1/2 cup) or balsamic vinegar (2 Tbsp)fresh chopped basil (1 Tbsp) or dried basil (2 tsp)cans diced tomato, undrainedoptionalground pork sausagefrozen, chopped spinach6 green onions, choppedshredded swiss cheesebasil leavestoasted whole almondscoarse saltsun-dried tomatoes in olive oilboneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into piecescrushed red pepper flakesapple juicetaco seasoninggreen onions, sliceddiced red bell pepperblack beans, drained and rinsedwhole kernel corn, drainedPillsbury® Grands!® Homestyle refrigerated buttermilk biscuitsbutter or margarine, meltedif desiredsemisweet chocolate morsels, meltedminced oniondark red kidney beansranch style red beanschili seasongreen chiliesrefried beans to thicken, optionalminced beefgrated parmesanparsley bunchtomatoesmozzarellaaluminum cupscream of tartarFillingwhipping cream (unwhipped)apple brandy or rumpecan piecestart applescored and very thinly slicedpackage toasted pine nuts and couscous mixlow-sodium fat-free chicken brothchopped cooked chicken (about 1 rotisserie chicken)grape tomato, halvesgarnish with fresh basil leavesnoodles of your choice prepared according to directionsItalian dressing mixdried pinto beanslarge onionshredded, Monterey Jack Cheese, with or without peppersfrozen biscuitsdried apricotschicken breasts or whole chicken, cooked and debonedbroccoli, cooked and drainedcream of celery souppie crusts (Pillsbury frozen in a box)Veg-all vegetables, drainedpoppy seedschicken breasts (I use a whole chicken)white cake mixwhite sugaralmond extractButtercream icingcriscovanilla flavoring (clear) or almond flavoringdash of saltBaklavaHoney Syrupzest of one lemonphyllo doughpistachiowalnutsor almondsgreen grapes, halvedchopped chickenmustardpinch of saltcut into 1/3 inch-thick slicesfrozen puff pastry sheetslarge tomatoes, seeded and choppedgreen bell pepper, dicedvegetable oil (I like to use olive oil)distilled white vinegarbreaded frozen okragreen onions dicedbacon, cooked and crumbledseedless green grapesbrown sugarLayersbrownie layers (I used Duncan Hines box mix)cheesecake layerschocolate chip layersmarshmallow fillingmarshmallow fluffunsalted butter, softenedmelted and cooledFamily Favorite Pot Roastbeef roastLipton Beefy Onion Soup MixTo Die for Pot Roastbrown gravyItalian salad dressing mixRanch salad dressing mixcarrotsmedium onion, finely choppedmedium-large baking potatoes, peeled, and sliced into 1/8 inch slicesclove garlic, mincedfinely chopped parsleyfrozen spinach, chopped, thawed and drainedlight or nonfat sour creamchicken breast halves, bone-in or skinlessfresh ground black peppergraham crackers crumbsHershey's cocoaReese's Peanut Butter chipsChocolate Drizzlewhipped topping (optional)Hershey's mini kisses or chocolate chipspenne pastathickly sliced zucchinifinely chopped pistachiopanna or heavy creampancetta (optional)beef top sirloin, thinly slicedrice wine vinegar (white vinegar with do)frozen orange juice concentrateorange zestfresh gingerbroccoli florets, lightly steamed or blanchedoil for frying- use 1/4 cup at a time in batches14 ounce packages gingerbread mix5.1 ounce cook-and-serve vanilla pudding mix30 ounce can pumpkin pie fillingground cardamon or cinnamonBeef gravy (bottled, canned or mix) I like to use 2 McCormick brown gravy packets. Mix according to instructionslarge onion, slicedcold waterroll crushed ritz crackerscrumbled gingersnapswhole sea bass, gutted and rinsedlarge candy canes or peppermint candy crushedlemon, slicedbag white chocolate chipslow fat sweetened condensed milkhard peppermint candy, crushedchocolate wafer crumbswhite chocolateoreo cookiesveg oilcrushed peppermintscookie crumbscherry pie fillingpine nuts or walnutsfresh basil leavesfresh parsley sprigsfreshly grated parmesanclove garlic, halvedpastaminced fresh oniondry breadcrumbscooking sprayfat free mayo (can substitute olive oil if desired)caramels (or 1 bag of caramel bits)chocolate cake mixchocolate chipslasagna noodles, uncookedquick oatswheat germSalad ingredientsAmerican Blend Dole Salad Mixred onionblack olives chopped or slicesPepperoncini pepperscroutionstomato choppedDressing Ingredients:mayonnaiseRomano cheesegarlic salt or clovedark chocolate chipsmilk chocolate-caramel-pecan clusterscoarsely choppedmuffinstoppingnatural peanut butterlarge bell peppers any colorsmall head of cauliflowerchorizo sausagesmall onioncrushed tomatoescheese (optional)sour cream (optional)medium orangesgolden raisins (or regular)shredded coconutpicante sauce or salsa, dividedchopped cooked chickenToppings: guacamole, sour cream, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoand egg as called for on package)gingerbread cookie mix (waterdried crushed red pepperpinch of sugarpetite-diced tomatoeschopped sun-dried tomatoes in oiltorn basil leavesgoat cheese logs, softenedassorted cut vegetables and bread cubesold fashioned oats*pumpkin pureedried cranberriessliced almondsapplesauce (sweetened or unsweetenedyour choice)pumpkin seedsshelledsugar or sugar substitute (equal to one cup of sugar)finely crushed ginger snaps or graham crackersfat free milkfinely shredded orange peelunflavored gelatinwhole milk or milk of your choiceunsweetened canned pumpkin pureehot, brewed strong coffeehalf and half creamgranulated white sugar, or more to tastewhipped cream, optionalrisotto rice (Arborio or Carnaroli)pumpkinItalian sausagesglass of white winechicken or veggie brothbutter, optionalchivespumpkin pie mixunbleached flourground cloveswalnuts or pecansall spice and pumpkin pie spicepure maple syrup1/3 less fat cream cheesefat free sweetened condensed milkinstant sugar free white chocolate puddingcold 1% milkstrawberry glazeDevil's Food Cake or chocolate box cake mix (plus ingredients required on box)uncooked long grain rice (I like to use wild rice.)medium size raw shrimpcelery ribs, choppedgreen onions, choppedcream of shrimp soup, undiluted*shredded Cheddar-Colby cheese blendlight corn syruprefrigerated piecrustbourboncoarsely chopped pecanscrumbledfrozen light whipped toppinginstant white chocolate or cheesecake pudding mixcold milkfrozen sweetened strawberriesChocolate Graham crackerschopped strawberrieswashed and hulledchopped, cooked hamfrozen chopped turnip greensfrozen seasoning vegetables (diced onion, red and green bell peppers, and celeryseasoned pepperlarge eggs, dividedyellow cake mixskim milkButtermilk cornbread:yellow cornmealground pepperbutter or bacon fatCornbread Dressing:buttermilk cornbread, crumbledwater chestnutslarge onion, choppedsage to tastechicken broth (optional)plain yogurtred bell pepper chunksyellow bell pepper chunksthickly sliced yellow squashwedged red onionfresh mushroomscherry tomatoeswooden skewersMarinade:cloves garlic, crushedcrushed red pepper flakes (optional ~ only if you like heat)strawberry box cake mixesdiet or regular red sodaIcing:light cool whipsugar free vanilla pudding mixred or pink food coloringLayer ingredients in the following order:iceberg lettuce or lettuce of your choicechopped tomatoessliced purple onionCreamy Italian Dressing or Green GoddessFritosgrape tomatoesgarlic cloves, slicedpeeled and deveined, medium-size raw shrimp (31/40 count)chopped jarred roasted red bell pepperscrusty french bread, slicedsun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, choppedfresh green beans, trimmedlarge parsnips or carrotsmedium zucchiniyellow squashbasil pestofresh basil leaves for garnishuncooked quick-cooking oatspecans or walnuts, toastedcaramelsground turkeycheddar or mexican blend cheeselime juiceadobe sauceolive oil for sautéingpinto or black beans, rinsed and drainedrotel, drainedrough chopped cilantrocorn, draineddried bread, crusts removedOld Bay Seasoningsliced baconegg, beatensliced ripe olivesbroccoli, trimmedred bell pepper, sliced into stripsbaby cornItalian blend cheese (I couldn't find this at my local commissary so I used 1/2 mozzarella, and 1/2 parmesan)frozen seasoning blendreduced fat crescent roll doughcraisinslight sour creambread crumbs (I like Panko bread crumbs)Chocolate Topping:Stevia (I use Stevia in the Raw)mini chocolate chips or other add-inpart-skim ricotta cheesefrozen chopped spinach, thawed and well drainedlight Alfredo saucefat-free milk (I used 1%)whole grain lasagna noodlesshredded carrotsshredded part-skim mozzarella cheesefinely shredded Parmesan cheeseunsulphured molassesgrainy mustardcoarse salt and freshly ground pepperboneless pork loin roastslarge, ripe bananas, well mashedcoconut oil, barely warm - so it isn't solid (or olive oil)almond flour/mealfine grain sea saltmini chocolate chips or dark chocolate bar choppedbacon, choppedkosher salt and freshly ground black pepperfrozen or fresh Brussels sprouts (I used frozen)juice of lemonslivered almondschicken and rice souplean pork chops (1 inch thick) I used bonelessvegetable oil (I used olive oil)large eggs, at room temperaturewhole milk, heavy cream, or half-and-half (do not use skim or 1% milk)Thick Salted Caramel Frosting:salted butterdark brown sugaradditional pinch of salt, as neededcaramel drizzle or coarse salt for garnishfresh grated Parmesan cheesewhole wheat penne or pasta of your choicelarge raw shrimp, peeled and deveinedsoy sauce (for gluten free use gluten free sauce)Andouille sausage, diceddiced sweet oniondiced green bell pepperreduced sodium, fat-free chicken brothsliced fresh okraplum tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and dicedgarnish: chopped green onionsCajun seasoning (Mccormick brand is gf)browned flour (for clean eating, use whole wheat flour)3 cups cooked Polenta or more if desiredvariety of cherry tomatoesuncooked ricegarlic cloves, peeledbasil leaves, cut into stripsfinely chopped celeryfinely chopped green bell peppersfinely chopped onioncooked brown ricegrated carrotsbay leavesdiced potatoes(10 3/4 ounce) can cream of celery soup(14 3/4 ounce) can cream of style corn(15 1/4 ounce) can whole kernel cornshrimp, peeled and deveined(10 3/4 ounce) can cream of shrimp soupricotta cheesechocolate animal crackerschocolate sauce:semisweet chocolate chipsstrawberry pie fillinglight smoked sausagelarge onion cut into eighthsmedium head of cabbage, choppedchicken broth or watermedium potatoes, peeled and cut into 3/4 inch cubesTony Chachere's seasoning to tasteBlooming Onion Petals:cayenne pepperdried thymesweet onionDipping Sauce:cream-style horseradish sauceinstant vanilla puddingchocolate fudge frostingcanned or fresh mashed sweet potatoeschopped raisinsbeaten eggssoft bread crumbstomato juiceoreganothin slices boiled ham or lunch meatsmall clove garlic, mincedslices Mozzarella cheese, halved diagonallybutter cake mixfrozen or package coconutoilstewed or diced tomatoes (blended)93% lean ground beefgreen peppers, cut in half and cleanedpoppy seeds (optional)Pillsbury Grands refrigerator biscuitsfavorite cheese shredded (I used a mixture of mozzarella and monterey jack, but any good melting cheese will work)Ranch Style Beans, drainedtater tots, thawed and crumbledgrated cheese (your choice)Feta cheese, crumbledSwiss cheese, shreddedfresh parsley, choppedangel hair pasta, cookedjar mild, chunky salsamedium shrimp, uncooked, peeledMozzarella cheese, shreddedcanola oilpeanut buttergraham crackers, crushedgarlic cloves, minced (don't skimp on the garlic)lemon, juicedsea saltlarge potatoes, peeled (optional) and cut into large wedges (about 6-8 wedges per potato)chopped bell pepperartichoke hearts, chopped coarselyjar mushrooms, slicedgrated Swiss cheeseeggs, beatensalt, cayenne pepper, and nutmegground beef, crumbled9 inch pie crustcarrots, dicedpotatoes, dicedstew beefcan or frozen peascans tomato soupcan of watergingersnaps, graham crackers, or vanilla wafersSoup:chicken, cooked and choppedGreat Northern Beans, drainedmild salsaMonterey Jack cheese with peppers, cubedcuminshredded cheesesifted powdered sugarchopped pecans (or other type of nut)sliced green onionchopped red bell pepperblack beans (optional)sliced green olives with pimentosmozzarella stickspanko bread crumbsmarinara or spaghetti sauce for dippingRosemary, parsley, or thyme (fresh is best, but you can use dried)sliced unpeeled eggplant (cut into 1/2 inch slices)
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